How Can You Save Your Company Image: 3 Online Reputation Management Tips

Online Reputation Management is all about your brand. What search says about your brand or your person. This results can determine weather people want to do business with you or not. After several researches, employers have admitted to doing a Google search of a potential employee’s name or business partner’s name before deciding to go into a relationship or not.

In the same light 40% of managers and decision makers admitted to halting a potential business patnership because of what results turned up for a brand’s name. In the U.S this has cost businesses several billions in lost business opportunities.

If a search for your business name is turning up undesirable results in Google, there are corrective measures that can be taken to give you the best representation in Google search. Today’s blog post will highlight 3 tips from an online reputation management approach that you can implement.

#1. Identify Who is Actually Showing Up for Your Name

In most cases, online reputation management is not only needed by companies that got into trouble with the press. Sometimes, you could be a victim of identity confusion, which is a major culprit in most online reputation crises situation. In order to know what steps you should be taking to get your business to rank for the what you love to see in Google search results, check out the results that are showing for your name and determine if you are actually the one ranking for your name.

Identifying who is ranking in Google search results for your brand name is the first step in tackling an online reputation crises.

#2. Build Original New Content

If you are skipping to method #3, we already assume that you’ve created enough content over a long period of time to showcase your brand and identity in Google search. In case you’ve not, then you still need to follow the methods advised in this section.

Content is the backbone of search engines like Google. For you to hold a significant presence in Google search result for your name, you have to produce enough high quality content that will represent your brand image. You can sign up for Boost My Media to use our unique writers to help your business create high quality content around your brand name and popularize it in search.

What Type of Content Should You Publish?

1. News: A good way to start creating content for your brand is to publish news events about your company. The best place for such type of content is on a company blog because it gives you full control and helps your website rank for your company name. However, of your company website is not yet well known, publishing on news sites is a better option.

2. Tutorials: Majority of search users use Google to find tutorials. Create tutorials educating web users on how your products and services are best used and publish the content on your website or on an authoritative website.

3. Reviews: Reviews are great ways to create content on the web. If your company has a lot of products or services, writing a review of each of them can help generate a lot of fresh content around your brand and help create more awareness.

#3. Optimize Contents about Your Brand for Better Search Rankings

When your company ranks for non-related results in Google, it usually means the positive content about your business are not well SEO optimized. If your brand has enough content, optimizing them for better search engine rankings is the best way to improve your company image.

Online reputation management becomes very necessary to combat undesirable search results turning up for a search of your name in Google. But it starts with promoting the positive content you want to associate your brand with. While getting a content page to rank higher for your brand name is one of the toughest aspects of ORM, it is also one of the basic steps to take.

Don’t know where to start from with your ORM needs? Get in touch with Boost My Media today and our experts will help you out.