Who We Are

Want to know more about the samurai that put their whole weight into your projects, drinking caffeine all night just to make sure you can confidently pop another bottle of champagne in the morning?

We started Boost My Media to help business executives and celebrities that have been genuinely misrepresented by the media through malicious publicity that are false and damaging to their careers.

About Our CEO:

Ayodeji Onibalusi has over 10 years of experience in launching and perfecting digital marketing campaigns for businesses. He started his career as a freelance writer, but quickly realized he wanted to do more for himself.

This is how he started his career as a digital marketer. He ventured into the online reputation management industry by handling several campaigns for Reputation Management giant Brand.com (defunct), where he worked to help several clients recover their reputations.

The results he got were unbelievable that the management had to trust him and his team with a larger volume of work. Ayodeji left Brand.com to start his own venture. Shortly after, Brand.com started struggling and he was invited to help stabilize things, but couldn’t reach an agreement. Brand.com later closed down.