3 Ways to Measure Your Site’s SEO Value

Search engine optimization, a term most of us know as SEO, is the aspect most of us webmasters take most important when building our websites or blogs. This is not because of the craze the web content world has attributed to it, but because of the traffic rewards that comes with one doing it well.

If you really want to build traffic to your website or blog, you will be thinking of SEO as something paramount to your site’s developments. Majority of webmasters only do the things required to gain a good amount of search engine traffic, but very little actually measure their site’s SEO value or what their site weighs.

If you want to ensure that you are not investing in SEO for nothing you should use the following factors to measure your site’s SEO value.

SEO Value Measurement

Search Page Rankings

The only reason you’re investing so much in SEO is to see your site rank high in search result pages. And if your site is not ranking well at all, then it could as well be said that your site has little or no SEO value.

Make a selection of vital keywords and key phrases that you are optimizing your site for in search engine sites and paste them in the major search engine sites you want to be found on, then hit the search button. Whatever page your site is will determine how effective your SEO investments are.

Compare Increase in Search Traffic

Traffic is the ultimate goal of anyone talking about SEO and if you’re not getting enough of traffic through search then it means you can still do more optimization. You should keep a track record of how far your site increases in search traffic after each new method is implemented. To make it simple for you, create a spreadsheet for the sake of keeping track of your search traffic and keep it dated.

You can then use the result of your search traffic comparison to determine if your SEO efforts are being rewarded or ignored.

Google Page Rank

This is the much coveted score awarded by search engine giant, Google, to sites that have scored high ranks in its page rankings. This will also help you determine the quality and value of your site in terms of SEO.

The algorithm used to calculate what Page Rank value a site should have is determined by the number of pages a site ranks for and how well the site is ranked in these pages. So, if you have a low Page Rank score and your site has been in existence for quite a while now, then you might need to do some more optimization. You might also need to check if there are no areas you’re being penalized for doing something wrong.


SEO is a very important thing to content builders and as bloggers and webmasters, we cannot ignore the SEO value of our websites and continue to invest wrongly as this will only result in waste of time and resources. Use the tips shared in this blog post to know what your site weighs when SEO is concerned.

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