Google Zebra Update Ready to Wipe all Websites off from the Web

Google is back once again with another baby, Google Zebra Update!

The new Google Zebra update is aimed at wiping away all websites that has anything to do with some selection of keywords without considering the fact that its mother company, Adword and Adsense depends on majority of those keywords.

Google announced that its Zebra update is coming in matter of week and its going to have effect on all websites around the world with some of the keywords listed below.

So you should check and prepare ahead of the time so that you wont lose large portion of your business to Google penalty.
Google Zebra Update Penalty & Keywords usage

It is aimed at eliminating every websites that has bunch of these keywords and please try to heed to this warning.

In the meantime, the Google Panda and Penguin update has in one way or the other effected 90% of the world searches over the past two years since inceptions - thereby costing many bloggers, business owner and corporate organizations thousands of dollars due to loss in traffic. So, you should checkmate these keywords to avoid Google penalty.

[box type="info"] I see so many requests via email and Facebook asking for valid assurance about this information. Please check below for other valuable sites mentioning this. Shalom![/box]

Google Zebra Update Keywords

  • Money
  • New
  • Get Started Today
  • Free
  • Link
  • Operator
  • Client
  • General
  • Business
  • My Friend
  • Payment System
  • Need
  • Article
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Purchase
  • Store
  • The
  • For
  • Item
  • Affiliate
  • Internet
  • Marketing
  • Tips
  • Secret
  • Share
  • Sign-up
  • Register
  • Login
  • Web
  • Salesman
  • and more site keywords coming on the way

3 Ways to Avoid Google Zebra Update Penalty

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Now that Google has started introducing different kind of updates in order to penalize bloggers for overusing keywords, writing less quality contents and generating low quality backlinks, the future of SEO seems unclear to me. So, I suggest what would work best is focusing on chopping out high quality content by thinking about human instead of search bots.

You need to get personal with what you’re writing and make sure that everyone prefer your content to other websites out there all because you are different!

Write long and detailed content to help people solve one or more problems and you will command a lot of respect in your niche.

Avoid Keyword Overuse

Keyword usage matters a lot at this present time when everything seems not to be working perfectly. Google is becoming stubborn in dealing with web spam and I think it is a good move if you can make sure your site does not harbor anything negative.

If any of your web blog falls into these categories, you should avoid keyword overuse. Write what makes sense to the people and not the search engine spider.

Forget Google, Socialize a lot for Engagement

For the past 6 to 7 months, I have stopped monitoring Google’s performance for my popular blog, TechAtLast, not because the site is not performing well on Google but because Google is a kind of headache for technology related sites.

So, instead of focusing all my efforts in increasing Google search ranks, I opted for more engagement by using social media to drive traffic and audience for the site.

In my bid not to rely on Google, I stopped using Google Adsense for other ad management companies out there - and the result is encouraging compared to using Google products at all times.

Time for Bing - that’s the future!

Bing has been in the search business for long but the company hasn’t been functioning well like Google but I can tell you that the future is Bing!

Other sites to read for confirmation

Because you asked for it, I have tried my best in providing factual information to make you guys understand what I am trying to do - share what matters to your blog’s future!

What do you think about this ZebraUpdate? Please share your views.


  1. Hmmmm Zebra ke? They want to release all the animals ni?

  2. I think its high time I leave the internet!
    What is blazing wrong with the Big G?!

    • coolcash4live says:

      You don’t need to do such at this time….don’t you know “Tough Time Never LAST, but only TOUGH people do”?

      You must show Google you are capable of building SPAM FREE web blog that can stand the test of time.

  3. Give us a link from google confirming that.

  4. I will be first to be wiped off.because I have almost all those keywords on my website.

    • coolcash4live says:

      Start cleaning up things brother. It won’t affect your site much. Just edit some of your top posts and make sure you don’t over use these keywords.

  5. James Melbin says:

    I pray God shows me why google keeps finding ways to downgrade every one..God will not give dem do

  6. Sorry but i don’t think this is ever going to happen, these keywords appear one way or the other in %80-90 blogs on the internet, more so, most of these keywords have the highest search values or don’t blogs like techrader have keywords like buy and sell? If these happens then google too is going to fall as irrelevant sites will be listed when people make searches on those keywords.

    Imagine searching for ‘Buy Android’ and you get results like, ‘Use Of Android’ LMAO!

  7. Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi says:

    Panda was once the hit, folllowed by Penguine update now its now zebra, what is even Google criteria for naming all these SEO updates?

    thanks for informing us Daniel

  8. Make Money Online says:

    Now, you’re pretty scaring me!, please can i chat with Matt Cutts? Please don’t Zebra-off My blog, Please.?

  9. Thks guy for d gist…

  10. Engr Abdul says:

    It’s high time i optimze my blog for bing and askdotcom, social media not excluded. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Joseph Adediji says:

    Nice one, I have been hearing about this nonsense Zebra update that is coming.
    Just like you said in this post, it is best to not rely on Google for traffic, social media is the way to go.

    • coolcash4live says:

      I have ditched Google for the past 6 months by focusing on what works for me and not for every others and thanks God, it did works!

  12. Where is the remaining keywords? Its time i put more effort in social media since most of my traffic comes from there. Please update the Nairaland thread where i posted it.

  13. I never trusted google, so them no want guys to get trafic de want make suffer de 4lo dia ad, guys adsen go son lose value lets bing and yahoo reviews.

  14. Olukunle Moses says:

    The next update will be Google Elephant where Google will spam the whole keywords on the internet. Are you ready for the challenge? Lol!

  15. Google Zebra Update remains the biggest Joke ever as far as am concern

  16. obasi miracle says:

    It’s time to start working on social media right away . geeeeees happy reading this now

  17. I dont understant why Google is so Obssessed with Black and White Animals. All the algorithms are named after Panda,Penguin and now Zebra! by the way Zebra algorithm seems to be more hard than previous two

  18. Da_Soljar says:

    Google ‘s becoming more & more infuriating each passing day with all these nefarious updates of thiers.

    Very soon,they’ll introduce a ‘Google Lion’ to finalize the whole issue & eat-up the internet…

    • coolcash4live says:

      That would be a nice name though but we will not open our eyes and wait until when that happens. Before it happens, we will find alternative and Bing is what I see as the right alternative to Google.

  19. Google seriously needs to watch their direction over the next few years. I’ve stopped putting SEO at top of my priority list many months ago after losing almost 70% of my search traffic from Google.

    Slowly I’m seeing referral traffic and traffic from social media increasing as well as direct traffic from email marketing, eBooks etc. I also stopped using AdSense on many of my sites, and have stopped using Adwords too on a couple of my smaller businesses.

    I do believe that Bing has a good chance to take advantage of Google’s mass of mess, and I know there are a lot of die hard Google fans out there, but I’m not one of them and I no longer need Google to make my blog or my businesses successful. I can manage without Google for that fact.

    To manage without Google, I’d urge more bloggers and business owners to get on the social media bandwagon more, build an email list for sure, and focus on putting more effort on guest posting. thanks for the post mate.

    • coolcash4live says:

      Hey bro,

      I am surprised to hear this from you but it is a sign of making progress. I did the same thing at @TechAtLast with Google Adsense immediately I noticed what Google has happened to become overnight - changing overnight to blogger’s nightmare!

      I no longer depend on Google either and now I will need to focus on Bing search optimization but among all, email list play a major role.

      Thanks for coming here brother :)

  20. Google is at it again. The fear of google is the begining of wisdom because they are the best search engine in the world. I think the solution to this is to focus on quality content than quantity

  21. Why dont google understands that with this kind of algorithm change many innnocent websites will also get penalized, they should also launch some update to anti-penalize the websites.

  22. Fed up of this updates by Google.

  23. Sounds like they releasing all animals on web !!
    Might be next will be monkey !! to catch monkey bloggers and penalize them on Google :P

  24. Google is playing dirty now, but thank goodness that does not stop a social media presence, video marketing presence, and even an email marketing campaign. It’s all about diversifying now even to the way we develop and distribute our content.

  25. I was really confused about the Google Zebra thingy.Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Kim Garcia says:

    I guess the Zebra Update is actually true. I research it on Google and there are lots of confirmation blogs regarding the speculations. Is anybody there can provide techniques to prepare for Google Zebra if ever?

  27. mcaullum says:

    When will this animal updates end all the work got vanish in one day…whether we do stuff by white hat or by black hat we are effected by the same sword

    • coolcash4live says:

      This is where I got confused about this Google Animal updates because it seems Google is trying to make fools of everyone here. Thanks for comment Kennedy

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