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Here are at this blog we talk on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing techniques and tips. Nowhere else to visit for up to date SEO tips, guides, and tutorials for success.

Aside writing Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, we also provide latest SEO and SMO news around the world to enlighten the great audience for better understanding and implementation.

Why this blog?

You asked right. This website is for you because you want to read the best of social media optimization and search engine optimization techniques.

SHS is here to help you on THREE basic area of your website promotion and they are:

1. Optimization for Traffic

Imagine being on the first page of Google for the most competitive keyword such as Make Money Online, how would you feel?

I know most make money online niche bloggers would like to be ranked on the first page of Google for that keyword all because of great benefits that attracts the position. But, worry less as you are going to reach that spot and even surpass it!

On this blog, we shall work you through the steps with tips, ideas and advice from professional bloggers in the industry. Occasionally, we shall host A-list bloggers like Zac Johnson, Ms Illeane Smith, Brian, Jane Sheeba, Onibalusi Bamidele, Michael Chibuzor and host of others to talk on host of topics that borders you.

So, relax as you ride on with us at SHS.

2. Engagement of Readers

To engage readers on your website, you need to offer them what they really want from you, so our expert writers will be sharing with you some of the things you need to give them in order to create room for engagement on your blog.

Don’t worry, you are not alone doing this. Many other bloggers out there were facing the same challenges. You’ve got the solution now!

3. Rinsing and Repeating

When you are able to generate much more traffic, to create room for conversation (regular return of readers to your website), what next is to follow up with them. So, we shall share with you things to do in order to follow up with them without irritating them with your messages. Blogger like Jane Sheeba would love to give regular tips on how to create an amazing email list with her never-ending ideas.

So, stay back and enjoy by signing up below.

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