About Us

We are brand ninjas, fueled by a passion to bring an end to the harm bad reputation is causing brands, businesses and individuals.

After working with several business owners, celebrities and top company executives who have been targets of bad press on the internet, we could not but share their pain. But understanding with them is not the solution to their problems, giving them a new image online is. Our Founder, in a bid to find an effective solution traveled across the globe to find sharp and bright like-minded online marketers and turned them into a team, with one single goal. Right the wrong!

We were able to help top multinational companies recover from bad revenue records and were able to help applicants with uninspiring online images secure their dream jobs as a result of having us work for them.

However, while working for several of our clients, we discovered that sometimes Online Reputation Management is a thing you can handle on your own, of course except in cases where you’re a high profile individual who have been in a mix of bad or false press. This type of situation, as we’ve discovered, usually requires hands-on involvement from experts like us.

Whatever your needs might be, we have all the solutions to your online brand needs.

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