SEO Policy

As a company, we rely and thrive on the trust of our clients. Before you sign up to have us work with you, we want to share our safe SEO policies with you.

These policies are our guidelines. You can hold on to them and rely on the guarantee that none of our representatives will employ practices outside these rules nor would anyone associated with Boost My Media employ practices that are against what these policies stand for.


                                              Boost My Media’s SEO Policy

Link Building Guidelines:

Online Reputation Management or ORM involves the practice of using safe SEO or whitehat SEO methods to help genuine contents promoting the good works of our clients (yay, that’s you!). The aim is to push down negative contents about you in search off the prominent result pages.

We will:

  • Use high standard industry approved methods to rank contents that positions our clients in positive light with the aim of getting them to rank higher in search result pages. With this approach, the results we derive from our efforts will last long and you won’t have to call us the second time.
  • Commission high quality and well knowledgeable industry expert writers to create attention grabbing and publish-worthy content portraying the excellent attributes of our clients. These contents will be non-promotional but educative and entertaining.
  • Educate our clients on what are the best practices and offer tips and advice on how you can get your name be as perfect as you desire.
  • Try to see if your reputation management is what you can work around and solve on your own without having to spend a dime.

We will not:

  • …use content spinners and article generators to create low quality and unreadable blog posts for our clients just to meet our investors targets. Our focus on quality and high standards will not be influenced by anything!
  • …use spam bots, shady SEO tools nor employ mindless inexperienced workers to build massive and questionable amount of links from low quality sites to kick your articles to Google’s first page. ORM firms that do this cannot offer you long lasting results but will put you in an even worse situation!
  •  …sell you on our services when we know that you do not need them, neither will we mislead you to purchase products you do not need.
  • …frighten you to believe that a situation that does not need the attention of experts must be paid for.

If you would like to know more about BoostMyMedia or make inquiries on how our services can be used to the advantage of your business or career, you can get in touch with us via contact (@ ) boostmymedia(dot)com.

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